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The dwarf looks up from his ale. "Hello, stranger," he says in a gruff voice. "I am called Dallin, from the Blue Mountains. What do you want?"

"Well," you reply, "I have heard that you are an expert in the history of the Tolkien Trail."

"Indeed I am! Listen well, and you will learn of Benjamin's Tolkien Page, Entmoot, and"

Site Information
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Site Information

The Tolkien Trail is a Lord of the Rings website in which you can explore Tolkien's fantasy world, Middle-earth. As you discover each area of Middle-earth, you will be able to learn about that place and also enjoy an interesting set of activities or information. We boast a unique storyline, so you can go from place to place in order or just browse. Accompanying you on this trip across the continent is Gandalf the Grey, who will assist you on your journey.

The dwarf looks at you and mutters, "I know I can get a bit rambling sometimes, so please feel free to head on over at any time to Strider or Mr. Butterbur.

Site FAQ

Q: Will any more sections open?
A: Not likely. Our original plan called for two more sections (Minas Tirith and Mordor), but we never came up with appropriate content. For daily new material, visit our discussion board.

Q: Is it just me, or is the banner changing?
A: Every area has a subtly original banner. In addition to displaying the name of the area, it has a special image inserted in it. The Shire banner includes a small Hobbit near Bag End, and Bree includes the Prancing Pony Inn.

Q: Who came up with the idea of The Tolkien Trail?
A: In March 1997 at age eleven, I created Benjamin's Tolkien Page on GeoCities. In September of 1999, I created the Entmoot board with Darth Tater, originally on the ezboard service. The two of us launched the Trail the following year. Longimte Entmoot administrator anduin came up with the name.

Q: Who runs the site and the board?
A: The site is owned and maintained by Ben Milder. Longtime collaborator Darth Tater left the site in July 2002 to pursue other interests. There are a number of people who help run Entmoot. See the Credits Page for the full list.

Q: I love the artwork! Who made it? Can I use it on my site?
A: Thanks :-). Most of it was hand-drawn by Joshua Truitt (Darth Tater) especially for this site. The fan art pieces are used with permission from their respective artists; contact them for information. (See the Credits Page.) Under no circumstances may you use the images directly from the server, as that uses up our bandwidth. You must contact us to get permission to use any of the original artwork on the site.

Q: When asked for my name on the site, I made an error! How can I change what the characters call me on the site?
A: We got a free JavaScript that stores your name in a cookie. That is the only purpose of the cookie - to store the name for the characters on this site. We (the owners) have no access to this cookie. If using MSIE 5.0 and Windows, go into Windows Explorer to C:/Windows/Cookies and find the one for Your username should be stored in there, just change it. Keep in mind that it stores two cookies - one for and one for, so you may need to change both. Plus, you might also have a cookie for Entmoot, so leave that one alone.

Q: I submitted some material to the site and it has yet to appear. What happened?
A: Content is uploaded as my schedule permits. If you think your items fell through the cracks, you can send me a reminder.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: See "Contact Info" below.

Contact Info

Benjamin Milder, Site Creator and Owner
Email: bmilder (((at))*)
Please include "Tolkien Trail" or "Entmoot" in the subject line.

Site Map

Although the recommended way of experiencing the Tolkien Trail is to go from place to place in order, I have made a site map that displays all the features of the site for quick access.

The Tolkien Trail

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