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Although computer-generated, MIDI can sound very good, especially if you have a good sound card. To play these MIDIs you will need a MIDI player. You probably have one built in, but if not, try WinAmp. The MIDIs are divided into two categories: Middle-earth and Reminiscent of Middle Earth. In the first category, the composer purposely wrote a song that described Middle Earth. The second section includes fairly unknown pieces from video games that sound appropriate for certain areas or aspects of Middle-earth.

Please note that under no circumstances may you use these midis on your website directly from our server, as this uses up our bandwidth. Please upload them to your own server, and if you want one of our original midis, an email would be appreciated.

Middle-earth MIDIs:
by Daniel Rodriguez (The One Ring):

by Qirien Dhaela:

  • The Bath Song: "Remember in The Fellowship of the Ring, right after the hobbits arrive at Crickhollow? There they all take baths, and Pippin sings this song."
  • Rohirrim Riding Song: "Aragorn sings this traditional Rohirrim song in The Two Towers (although when I wrote it I had Éowyn in mind!)."
  • To Isengard!: "When Fangorn and the rest of the Ents end the Entmoot and march to Isengard in The Two Towers, they sing this song."
  • The Lord of the Rings: "This poem is printed in the front of each book."

MIDIs that remind me of Middle Earth:
EliteFour.mid (Elite Four Theme) from Pokemon on Gameboy; composer and synthesizer unknown.
FF3Over3.mid (Overworld Theme, a.k.a. Terra's Theme) from Final Fantasy 3; composer and synthesizer unknown.
Hocus006.mid (Title Theme) from Hocus Pocus; composed and synthesized by Bobby Prince.
Kuntamon.mid from Jill of the Jungle; composer and synthesizer unknown, converted to MIDI by Benjamin Milder.

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