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Robert W. Gardner, a.k.a. Gilthalion, recently read The Hobbit at his local bookstore, from September 9th to October 17th, 2000 (go to the bottom of the page for some pictures). He has graciously provided several samples of his reading. The files are available in streaming Real Audio, and you will need the Real Audio Player to hear the files (most people have it already).

Please note: If you have not finished the books that these audio files comes from, please be aware that these readings contain major plot spoilers. Gilthalion strongly urges you to read the books first!

Click here to download the complete collection of Gil's Real Audio files, as detailed below.

Roast Mutton: A portion from Chapter 2 of The Hobbit, this is the Troll scene.

The Bridge of Khazad-dum: Gandalf's duel with the Balrog from The Fellowship of the Ring.

The Mirror of Galadriel: Frodo and Sam peer into Galadriel's Mirror in The Fellowship of the Ring.

A Long-Expected Party: Bilbo celebrates his 111st birthday.

A Knife in the Dark: The terror inspired by the Nazgul.

Fog on the Barrow Downs: Don't listen to this spooky reading right before bedtime!

Gil For Prez: In October 2000, we held an "Entmoot Presidential Election." Listen to Gil's campaign speech!

Hobbit Day Interview: Gil gave a radio interview on Hobbit Day.

Gil has provided us with some pictures!

Lunch Time with Entmoot!

Reading at the Mobile, Alabama Barnes and Noble

On the Radio, National Hobbit Day 2000

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