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Entmoot 2001!

After meeting virtually since September 1999, some of our members felt that it would be fun to have a "real" Entmoot, to let members of the board meet each other and see the movie together. I (bmilder) have already met 3 of the other admins in real life and I know it's a fun experience to spend time with people "from the Internet."

The gathering will be held December 28th-30th, 2001 near my home in central New Jersey. We plan on seeing the movie, playing the LotR board game, and doing other assorted fun stuff. If you are in the New Jersey area (or even if you aren't) you will want to investigate this.

I can accomodate some teenagers in my house on couches, etc., but adults will need to get a hotel room. Information about local hotels can be found in the attendees-only section.

Here is a list of those planning or thinking of attending so far:
Darth Tater
Lord Xanthyz
Shanamir Duntak

These members will be able to use their Entmoot usernames and passwords (without spaces - e.g. Darth Tater will use DarthTater to log in) to get such information as my address, hotel pricing, etc. here. If you think you might want to attend, please let me know.

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