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"Yes, hullo traveller. I'm Mr. Bilbo Baggins. So, you are interested in hearing what Rivendell has to offer in the way of music? We have a large variety of songs available for your listening pleasure, from a variety of composers and artists. I'm a bit of an aspiring song-writer myself, as you might have heard.

The songs are grouped in the following way: MP3, CD-quality songs, selections are both vocal and instrumental; MIDI, computer-generated instrumental music that is still enjoyable; and Song Parodies which so far are only text.

If you decide that you have heard enough from our fine musicians for one day, please head on over to Elrond to hear some great stories, if you haven't done that already.

However, if you've heard both music and tales, you should go Elrond in private, I believe he wants to speak to you, but I don't know why, and..." At that, Bilbo trails off and suddenly falls fast asleep.

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