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'Gandalf!' you exclaim. Then the image darkens...

Gandalf is locked in mortal combat with a creature of darkness on a narrow bridge. Then the bridge cracks and the wizard begins to slip... The image is so real that it terrifies you. You turn away for a moment and Galadriel is nowhere in sight. Looking back, the mirror fills with images of your fallen friend...

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by Darth Tater

by Darth Tater

Then the mirror abruptly goes dark for a second and Gandalf's face appears once more in the reflection, this time clad in all white. The image speaks... 'Turn around.'

Turning around, you find yourself face to face with Gandalf, attired in a white robe. You cannot believe your eyes. 'Yes, it is me, faithful friend,' says Gandalf. 'I have had a long journey since we parted at Rivendell.' Gandalf proceeds to tell you about his ill-fated trip into Moria and his duel with the Balrog. You gasp as he briefly relates his apparent death and then rebirth as Gandalf the White.

Galadriel appears at his side. 'Dear Mithrandir, it is not for naught that I have clothed thee in White. We must stop Saruman before we can defeat the greater Enemy. Take your companion and go to Fangorn Forest, where the Ents may still dwell. Perhaps old Treebeard can aid us in our time of need, if he yet lives.'

Gandalf nods. 'I have a mind that my young companion will prove very worthy indeed. Come, let us continue on to Fangorn Forest...

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