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You walk into a glade of trees. Great Mellyrn tower above you, their golden flowers casting a beautiful light on the grass below. Their bark is silver and unlike any tree you have seen before. Yet the beauty of these trees is dwarfed in comparison to those you see congregating in this place. Fair elves move gracefully between the trees, making almost no sound as their feet tread upon the ground.

One elf comes up to you. "The Lady Galadriel has told me you wish to see the art gathered here. Come, let me show you."


The elf leads you to a rope ladder that hangs from the bows of a great tree. He climbs up it, and you follow.

At the top of the ladder is a house perched in the bows of the tree. As you enter it you are awestruck at the beauty that lies before you. Many canvasses line the walls, and on them are images showing events from throughout the history of Middle Earth.

The ever-expanding Art Gallery:
(arranged by artist)

Artist Type of Art # of Pieces
Albuerne, Juan Sculptures 3
Alvarsson, Jonatan Maps 1
Annand, Nancy Eggs 3
Arynetrek Sketches 2
Fletcher, Rebekah (Elanor) Drawings 5
Galadriel24 Drawings 1
Medlej, Joumana (Alpaca) Drawings 4
Saari, Joonas (noldo) Sketches 3
Sakata Sketches and Pastels 12
R. L. Sharpe Sketches 1
Standlea, Chad Sketches 21
Spug Misc. 4
Triston Misc. 2
William Wires Painting 1

You spend many a day looking at the artwork gathered in the galleries of Lothlorien. You also study the ways of the elves, and learn much of the ancient history of the world before the time that man came to dwell here. However, you lose track of time and are unsure how long you have dwelt in this land.

One day an elf informs you that the Lady Galadriel wishes to speak with you. Wondering why the Lady would wish to speak with you only now after all this time, you start walking in the direction of your guide...

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