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We recently held a Poetry Contest, and the majority of these poems are from that. We received dozens of excellent poems and it was very difficult to make a selection. But we finally have decided on Pelennor by Beth Engel, a.k.a Elbreth of Carhouth, a member of Entmoot. She will be receiving the prize of the new set of LotR books. Honorable mentions go to The Sound of a Harp by Cassidy Dever-Baker (a.k.a Elwen Legolas Starmaiden) and The Prophesy by Jim Gray.


by Elbreth of Carhouth

Standing there 'neath wings of death
Hardened heart and focused eye
Dwimmerlaik's challenge, foul breath.
In strangled courage comes my cry,
"Begone! Leave in peace the dead."
A cold voice spoke in countermand,
"Your blood too, shall be shed,
If before Nazgul you dare stand."
Sheildmaiden, I defend Theoden's form,
the Nazgul speaks again.
Triumph rises as a storm,
Tongue dripping in disdain.
"Fool! No man can hinder me!"
I rise up, an anxious tide,
The irony! Now hope I see,
"And yet, no living man am I!
Eowyn I am, there lies my kin."
Doubt flickered in the faceless Wraith.
The winged beast screamed within,
But from the sword was not safe.
The Rider rose, mace in hand,
Holbytla lunged with nary a sound,
Nazgul staggers, his life I demand.
Cloak and crown, silent to the ground


The Sound of a Harp
by Elwen Legolas Starmaiden

Once a long long time ago,
A scattered people crossed the snows
Of mountains high, and valley cleft.
Few remembered, and few were left.

Tough were they, and hale, and strong,
But short-lived and rash, weary and wronged.
When they reached the west, they sang and were glad:
All dangers, it seemed, were far from this land.

Little did they know of a silent observer,
Patient, curious, hidden in heather.
Eyes wide with wonder, his heart stirred within
For these strange people who looked so akin.

And by night, when all were asleep,
He stole into camp, and no guard did he meet.
Sitting beside the fire, he noticed a crude harp.
Picked it up, cradled it, and strummed in the dark.

His voice rang out clear and strong, singing songs of old,
Fair face glowing hauntingly in the light of dying coals.
And each stranger hearkened to the words of an unfamiliar tongue,
And thus the Fathers of Men beheld the Elve-king Felagund.

Finrod Felagund, called "The Wise"
What did you see with your depthless eyes?
Did you know that this meeting foreshadowed your death?
The waning of Elves, and the Dominion of Men?

For long ago they all set sail:
The Elves' three Rings had faded and failed.
'Cross the sea to Eress‘a,where soft rain falls,
Forsaking their beautiful woodland halls.

Now quicker and hastier are the lives of Men,
Soft, naive, ignoring signs of the end.
Since ye are not seen, therefore few here believe.
And for this denial? In my heart I grieve.

The Prophesy
by Jim Gray

If the sword of the daemon be broken
and the peace of the free men begin
Then a king must be sent with a token
that brothers be brothers again

The strength of the North will avail you
and the hope of the West be your guide
but the axe of the mountain sustains you
and the spear and the horse turn the tide.

Other Poems:

by Shenna McBain: Ancient evil,
Regains power with each passing day.
Simple hobbit,
Stumbles upon a lost treasure.
Many lives,
Forever changed as a fellowship is formed.
Incredible adventure,
As closer to the enemy they come.
Dark figures,
Searching endlessly for one called “Baggins.”
Mount Doom,
Casts a shadow over more than just the land.
Final battle,
Ended by one creature consumed by the ring’s power.
Balance regained,
As homeward the fellowship disbands.
History tells,
Of hobbits, wizards, elves, dwarves and even ents.
Sadly maintained,
As nothing more than legend and fantasies.

Doorway To Ithilien
by Elenna

Up on the hill top shines the moon.
Down in the valley shines the moon.
It reflects it's encumbering glow upon the waters..and I swim.
The sun rises over head feeding the flowers that grow in the fields.
I watch the deer run fast and silently frolicing with their fawns.
They chase the sun, as do I.
Once more caught in the interum of night and day,
to sit with stars above and the sun slowly setting below.
I close my eyes and breath deep and fill my soul with the depth of life I find here..
and I love
(~The smell of the sweet fragrant flowers flowing in the air. The touch of the soft grasses on my skin as I run with the animals who chase the sun. The fertile Earth between my toes; The fresh flowing water that comes from the fall above, The melody of the Earth as she turns as her smallest creatures fine tune their instruments to each day.~)
And I lay myself down to sleep upon the soft bed of grass, close my eyes, for tomorrow shall start a new day.

The Trodden Paths...
by Elenna

To trod the dusty path, farther than you may go in one night.
To not stop at the tree line, but walk forever into the night.
Sit long then sleep beside the fire light.
Walking in the dying light to reach the growing dark.
Step forward with faith in the good will of old friends and new.
Hold fast to loves undying light,
for it will guide when you loose your sight.
Walk the paths that lead on and on to reach the goal and gain the prize.
Out of the light and into the darkness,
travel far and find the roads that lead to light.
In the end we shall find what we seek
or seek to destroy what we have found.
~For all that has good has bad, and all that is bad contains goodness. In like manner there is light in darkness and darkness in light. And all who seek shall find which they desire.

by Ben Jones

In a time when goodness and valour were king
Baggins came across the magic Ring
The Ring that took
the Ring that gave
The Ring that required somebody so brave
For this tiny hobbit
Though small and frail
Had traits that guarded him
Like no shield or mail
Both kind and courageous
And strong-hearted too
This creature could handle
What he needed to do
The Ring led him on
A journey so great
It brought him through trials
That this pen can’t relate
The destination was Mordor
A land of pure malice
And the fire to destroy
The ring so callous
The brave hobbit succeeded
In this task to end his tale
But had you any doubt
That Frodo would prevail?

The Lament of the Kings
by Fealar

In Middle-Earth, in northern fields
Lived Brand and Dain, Kings of mighty build
There the Dark descended in wrath
And war the peoples of Dale and Mountain hath

Dain Ironfoot under Mountain tall
Lord of stone and golden hall
Old and wise, strong as steel
Sturdy as the mountain's keel

Brand the King
Son of Bowman, strong and keen
Of sight, a master of men
His voice lifted in song did sing

Dain Ironfoot, King of his Halls
Fought with valour
And with bodies made
Around himself, many walls

Yet fall he did, did Brand the King, his body hewed
And was laid to rest in Erebor
Lonely Mountain
Yet the bane of many an orc

And Dain the King
Under Mountain tall
Above his friend in arms stood
Body rent and gushing blood
And fall as well did Dain our King
Though dead lay many around his form, and
Orc never came unto that place, where
Brand the King and Dain Ironfoot
Lord of Mountain
Bled and fought, and defied the dark
And their blood stained that blessed earth
So no dark thing
Or evil orc should ever threaten Middle-Earth

Thus goes the Lament Of The Kings of Dale
And Mountain, how dearly their lives they did sale
And the foes of freedom
In fear fleed
For the wrath of the People of Dale and Mountain
Was kindled, and ever thus was that war lamented

This I say:
Let not the darkness last on earth
While with free will men shall live
To smoke by door or next to hearth

The Fellowship
by Fealar

When dull was sun in Rivendell
In Imladris Elves doth dwell
A mighty host from afar
Left to win the War of Wars

The fair folk, the ever-living,
Legolas Greenleaf light as feather
Tread softly upon the heather
Fair son of the woods, the ever giving

The hardy, the working people
Gimli Gloin’s son with axe of steel
Marched to war, to Mundburg’s steeple
And of breeze in his hair was pleased

Boromir, Prince of Men Warrior mighty, who had marched
Through wood and hills to Rivendell
To Imladris where Elves doth dwell

Merry Brandybuck, of lore fond
Who faired abroad and boated over pond
Fealty to Rohan swore he, though hobbit he be
And renowned as hero of war was he

Pippin Took, of merriment and ale
A master, and curious ever
Who the palantir
His heart did quail

Sam the hobbit, shrewd but slow
Faithfully to Mordor did go
Wonder had he, for world and sky
And ever loyal, refusing to die

Gandalf, Mithrandir, Incanus, Olorin,
Mighty mover of men
Lordship refused, and victory out of defeat snatched
And the dark lord’s fear did catch

Aragorn, mighty man
Who in his eyes had the light of Aman
He who never saw that blessed land
King Elessar over all of man

Frodo Baggins, Ringbearer brave
Who fled from wraiths and no power did crave
Selflessly he dared the Dark Hand
And valiantly defended his land

The Nine set forth, and Mordor defeated
Legolas and Gimli, friends fast
Elessar and Boromir, comrades in years past
Merry and Pip, young from the Shire, brave in danger
Frodo and Sam, who the Ring destroyed, into Mordor’s blacknes strode
And Gandalf Greyhame, the White Rider, foe of Sauron and friend of men

Into darkness fell Mithrandir, and Boromir, who
Returned not to Minas Tirith’s walls of Stone

Yet the Grey Wanderer no foe could slay
And White he returned, as leader and counselor he
Filled with fear the foes of Gondor
And upon the King’s head crown he sat
And fulfilled all purpose in mortal lands
And took the last ship that
Would bear him across so wide a sea
To the Blessed Land, to Aman.
So the Age ended.

by Elwen Legolas Starmaiden:
No wealthy, noble prince am I,
Nor wand'ring bard, nor majestic king,
Nor powerful lord with an Elven Ring,
Nor Noldor, nor Vanyar, nor Eldar, nor Sindar,
Nor a Teler beside the sighing Sea.

I am just a common Sylvan guard,
Not high or beautiful or grand.
Content with a few simple things:
Music, friends, (and a glass or two
Of wine) will do...
Alas, the peace is outweighed by wounds not few,
In this shadowed woodland!

But this is not my life of choice:
I would gladly leave my blade to rust
And arrows rot, if only thus
Could I see thee dancing carefree again
Under the leaves of Spring. Till then
I wish joy, and health, and happiness to thee,
And many a good feast 'neath the flowering trees.
Maybe someday this Darkness will end.
We would be freed, and your troubled heart could mend.

The Elven Song
by Stephen Middleton

Long before the dwarves awoke
there lived a tall and kindly folk,
Elves they're called by mortal man
and death do bring, no sickness can.

They live within the glades and dells,
and speak in tongues with ancient spells,
Tall and fair their cities stand,
while runes of power guard their land.

Alas now gone their rings of three,
bound for lands across the sea.
An end has come to Elven days,
though their memory we still praise.

by lotr3791:
One Elf, a Dwarf, two Men, four Hobbits, a wizard old and wise, on a journey hard and long in fear of Sauron's eye.
Throught, forest, water, halls of stone, Frodo and Samwise left alone.
Their quest to destroy the evil Ring, asay from Men and orcs fighting.
Gollum tried to get the One, which in the end his bane to come.
Into the Cracks of Doom he fell, with the Ring and fear-filled yell.
Middle-earth saved with stories of fright, good prevailed ere Sauron could fight.

by Elbreth of Carhouth
Over mountain, valley and hill
Followed faithful pony Bill
With Sam and Frodo
Where e're they'd go
And stopped when they stood still

When seperated were they
Then Bill lost not a day
But returned to Bree
Where Sam with glee
Picked him up along the way

Path of Hope
by Rome Gray

Every breath is colder and aching…and the burden grows harder to bear…
With every step we’re getting nearer…shadows thicken, aroused plenty, here…
The slap of feet; the flash of teeth…urges us up the stairs and higher
On, on and on we tread through the dread...oh, why can’t I recall the shire?

But I still see the light of the Eldar
The fairer, I feel, for want of its shelter
Till deed is done, I shall not forsake them
And my master’s burden will burn in yon mountain…

All for the laughter and for the Gaffer…and the warmth of a cozy hole…
All for the beauty of neatly trimmed hedges…and the paths that all ten toes knows..
I will not falter; I will not stop, here…not leave him mercy to treachery’s guide
I will not show fear, not till we’re done here…not while the path of Hope… …is by his side…

Alone in the night, I take fright. Oh! Where…has that sneak run off to now?
So, slow I turn as the elf-blade burns…a baleful shape’s the Queen of the Shadows.
“The Shire!” I scream, as I lunge for the Queen…”Feel my Sting and loose my Master’s hand!
As our quest resumes you’ll go lick your wounds; retreating e’er from the eyes of man…

Her poison burns away the chill from him
but brings him closer to his ring’s first lord…
I’ll help him to climb the rest of the way to the cauldron…
By the light of the ‘star’ and the grace elfs’ sword…


by Ellen Hanssen-Bauer:
Walk across the landscapes of Theos
Through the hills of Aphalaton
Cross the river wild in the far away land
And you will reach my hand

You must also cross the sea of Dark
It may seem impossible through your eyes
But if you dear to try the best you can
You can always reach new shores and lands
And then it may seem possible

The last thing I will ask you to do
Is to choose between the paths two
The choice is diffecult and secudtive
But I will wait by the end of one
I will stay there until you come

The Song of Silvenelle
by Matt deMille

Oh Silvenelle, the Elven stream
It's waters deeper than a dream
From where it flows, no Mortal knows
Guarded by Immortal Kings

Oh Silvenelle, the mystic stream
It's waters seen not but in dreams
Apart from sleep, it's dark and deep
Reflecting bright the stars unseen

Oh Silvenelle, the endless stream
It's waters wine to weary dreams
Hopes in seeming, moonlight gleaming
Cleansing thoughts and fears that seem
As dark as night save in one's dreams...

The Gates are Closed
by Matt deMille

The world changes in every land
Hewn and gardened by mortal hand
Sewn and blessed by the Elves
And stewarded by Entish spells
Reaped by wind and carved by time
The Seasons singing nature's rhyme
But beneath the land there delves
The world Dwarves made by themselves

The mountains rise above the land
Wrought long ago by Dwarven hand
Beneath the hills, beneath the fells
The halls are lit by Dwarven spells
Within the earth in caverns deep
The Uru shaped and woke from sleep
Their children from the deepest wells
And gave the Dwarves their greatest spells

Hammer sounded and anvil rang
While outside nature's seasons sang
The Dwarven Masters with their spells
Closed the gates to every hell
And still in darksome waters deep
The doors are closed and daemons sleep
The wells are filled with bottomless pools
The Dwarves are gone, and silence rules

Hobbit Campfire Song
by Matt deMille

Kindle wetwood, burn up high!
Oh, kindle wood, burn where you lie!
Ho ho, oh hey!
Ho ho, we say
Fire turns night into day

Kindle firewood, dance with light!
Oh, kindle wood, we feast tonight!
Ho ho, oh hey!
Ho ho, we say
Fire makes the neighbors stay

Kindle birchwood, burn all night!
Oh, kindle wood, keep burning bright!
Ho ho, oh hey!
Ho ho, we say
Fire wards the shadows away

Simmer ashes, go to sleep
The fire's warmth our blankets keep
Ho ho, oh hey
And now we yawn...
Thanks for burning until the dawn

Lament of the Elves
by Matt deMille

The world is far, far away
In the timeless Halls there shines
Lords and Ladies free of time
They look long into the night
Shining forever fair,
and bright

In the lakes and in the streams
The light of their faces gleams
Footsteps echo in the creek
And in the rising wind,
they speak

In the halls of Elven folk
Music has at last awoke
Those who draw Immortal breath
Are never fooled by Fate,
or Death

Our world is far, far away

What of the Moon? by Matt deMille

The eye within the darkened sky
The window to the days gone by
The light that reveals at last our doom
I dance naked under the moon
And lo! I look, when the moon is high
All the stars have fled from the sky
The moon, I ask you, what do you see?
Of tomorrow and the days that will be?
Or is there no dawn, no day to come?
Has the Dark Lord already won?

by Sydnee Sussex

Some would compare you to Buddha, Muhammad, Christ.
The creator of Middle Earth.
Many would compare your mind to The Big Bang.
You thought it and things evolved as your works have.
As any words in a writer's script,
Your lands are broad and vast.
Good and Evil.
Good willed.
Ill willed.
Your life in my hands.
Your heart beat under my fingers.
Young Halfling.
Good Halfling.
The pain is heart felt.
The pain is apparent.
The heaviness upon your heart.
Young Halfling.
The ring.
A ring of friends . . . kinsmen,
A ring of danger . . .Gollum,
Inhumanities lurk in your closet.
World War I.
The beginning of Middle Earth.
People may have though you crazy,
Old creator of fantasy.
You felt one of history's hardest blows,
Old artist of tragedy.
Fellow creators of unicorns, dragons . . .Narnia.
A ring of friends.
A fellowship.
Characters born from your loins.
Flesh and blood.
They have your emotions,
fears, heart, love.
Childlike innocence personified.
Peaceful with their human emotions.
Peaceful without Man.
A peace with innocence.
Children in the narrow eyes of Men.
Weak, small, insignificant.
Looking in the mirror aren't we?
Children of lore.
Children of honor.
This fellowship.
The honored people of Middle Earth.
This ring of companions.

by Maria Eugenia Ibanez Martinez de la Hidalga:
"Oh Lady Éowyn, now I can see
Why thou rodest to the battlefield,
Eager to kill, and in honour die.

"Oh, that thy heart was broken with despair,
With hopeless love, with golden pride;
Thy fierce soul within a maiden's jail."

by Carl King:
Nine walkers on a perilous quest
Of races mixed, the best of the best
Up against the dark lords' hoards
Using magic, axe, bow and swords
From Rivendells light, to Mordors' gloom
To destroy the ring, in the fires of doom
Gandalf, old, wise and grey
Sent as leader to show the way
Secondly Aragorn, nobility he brings
A man destined to follow the kings
Legolas, Gimli and Boromir
Three warriors who would show no fear
Last four of the nine, Hobbits we greet
Short and stout, with hairy feet
This band of folk sent on a trail
To defeat mighty Sauron, they must not fail
And when the deed itself was done
Many battles fought, the war was won
The ringbearers sailed to a new home
And a king again, was on the throne

by Galina Friant
I gaze into the burning light
I shut my eyes as it opens wide the door to sight

There stands a lone figure pale faced and small
Eyes downcast he fingers a chain of gold

Lifting it over his head it's dead weight falls onto his neck
He slowly looks up his face ashen his eyes glassy as a teardrop

Arising he clutches another's hand for the slightest sign of hope
Staring into the shadows he dares to open wide the door for a thousand souls

Mystery and valor woven into dark raven tresses
A tremor in a One Ring of power

A certain hand clasps the chain of destiny
One heart the will to bear what cannot be borne

Holding the destined and dreaded future in his palm
He carries the weight of time

The power to end life in the point of a sword
The power to destroy in the smallest inscription

A quest for the ages is narrowed down to Nine
Night raps a cloak about their hidden fears

Over the mountains lies the Sun
The evening Stars are hidden from view

They clasp hand in hand our future destiny
Yet we sing the tale of Heroes by the fireside

Kiss the brow of chosen fate though not in bitterness
Embrace them and carry them higher

Sneaking in dark places underneath the pages
So lies the pitiful, oblivious and villainous one-time hero

Not the valor of men and warriors
Most unlikely as peasant to Prince are the chosen in this tale

Though no tale of fable nor fairytale is this as we turn the page
As one by one we cross the Sea, we look not back but ahead

The Journey of the Ring
by Alfred Benjamin Phillips

There was a legend that has been told
Back when the Earth was not so Old.
A place of Myth, a place of Wonder -
Which by a Ring was torn asunder.
Though many were made for Man, Dwarves, and Elves,
The greatest was forged where Evil dwells.
Formed in blood within Mount Doom
Its bearer the Ring would soon consume.
Using it's power to gain his own,
The Dark Lord Sauron sat on his Throne.
Nine men, though proud, did not have faith,
And soon each one became a Wraith.
Sauron had quested for all the rings
So a tide of darkness could he bring.
The dwarven rings were taken or lost,
Their masters lives were their cost.
Had not the Elves been so bold,
The future would be grim to behold.
The Elven King Gil-Galad, took his army bearing raiment of war
And marched them south toward the land of Mordor.
With the help of men, they stormed the gate
And set off to destroy Sauron the Great.
It was Isildur, Elendil's son,
Who took Sauron's finger and the One.
Isildur was slain by an Orcish Quiver
And the Ring was lost down the Great River.
Gollum found and killed for Precious
And because of it, he was soon banished.
It wasn't until Bilbo Baggins arrived
And found the Ring right by his side.
Soon Bilbo's adventures met with Smaug - And treasures untold.
But the Real Adventure was yet to unfold.
For Bilbo's cousin, a lad named Frodo,
Would be given the Ring - but he didn't know.
When Gandalf the Gray entered the room,
"It must be for the Ring," Frodo assumed.
Frodo then learned of what Sauron hoped to find
And a deep uneasiness overtook his mind.
He said, "I must leave as soon as I can!"
And he took his friends - Merry, Pippin, and Sam.
The Ringwraiths were following, as Gandalf had sworn
But things got better when they met Aragorn.
But the Ring wraiths were quick, and cut Frodo with a sword,
And before Frodo reached Rivendell, they attacked at the Ford.
But they were defeated, and Frodo was cured.
At the Council of Elrond, they spoke of events that occurred.
Gandalf spoke of Saruman, and how he was evil,
And how Sauron was bent upon the ring's retrieval.
So a Fellowship of Nine was formed to go out and destroy the One.
It mattered not who lived or died, as long as the job was done.
As they then left Rivendell, the Elves began to sing,
And the Fellowship sets off on

An Elven Viewpoint
by Sharon
Being the words of Legolas as he looked back on the last White Council

I knew him of course, Isildur’s heir
Man of few words, who didn’t look fair
But within his chest beat a heart that was true
Aragorn who great deeds would soon do

But the man from Gondor, I did not know
Courtly he was, but what deeds would he sow?
Son of Lord Denethor, proud and strong
Little did I foresee I’d sing his death song

Mithrandir I knew for many an age
Perhaps he looked old, but then he was a mage
Bearer of the secret fire, yet dear as kin
Gandalf the Grey his greatest quest was eager to begin

Gruff stood the dwarf, Gimli by name
Grumbling and angry, yet not to blame
A proud people his had been in times past
Moria could not chill him, his heart stood fast

Large for a Hafling, Merry stood swift
Loyal and true, his friendship a gift
Brave to the core this Brandybuck friend
He followed his heart to the very end

And then there was Pippin who enjoyed a drink
Always quick to act before he could think
Yet ready to lay down his life for our cause
His valor could give a great man pause

Sound and true, Samwise stood by his friend
Who could imagine how his journey might end
Ringbearer he was fated to be in Evil Lands
Even in Darkeness and despair he carried on

Frodo, upon whom the greatest burden fell
Risked his life and spirit in a burning hell
Elf-friend will he always be
Even in Westerness across the Sea

And who am I, you may ask
Just a gray shadow, soon to pass
Shortly will I leave fair Ithilien now so green
And with my friend Gimli sail across the great Sea

Valinor calls so strongly these days
And I am away. I am away.

by Selwythe:
O Lords of the West,
Why doth thee sit in lands afar,
Amid feasts a-grand and merry?
Why doth thee ignore the Eldar?
Who toil in the lands of Arda?
For sad are our tears,
And grieved for our sorrow.
The unnumbered years
Have burned us hollow.

In the north He sits
Upon the throne,
And wields the arm of darkness.
Of the iron walls and bottomless pits,
Many dwelt alone.
For with doom are we wraught,
And with oaths are we bound,
Yet with death and danger are we besought.

We remember the days,
When all was fair and darkness slept.
We sang and danced un'er the Two Trees,
Before Ungoliant astray crept,
And the fiery jewels became His.
To speak of his name we are wroth,
Yet never does it dim in us,
For he is the Dark Lord Morgoth,
Eternal enemy of peace.

O Lords of the West,
Why doth thee sit in lands afar,
Amid feasts a-grand and merry?
Why doth thee ignore the Eldar?
For nigh draws our doom,
And tears blind not our sorrow.
Yet amid the befallen gloom,
Do we yearn for a sire to follow,
Deep into the land of Aman,
Where all remains fair,
Wherein lies the songs of our deeds done.

Fade with Time
by Wendy Zhou
The flowers of gold
Dimmed with age;
The tall trees of old
Left the stage;
The branches silver
Fell from rhyme;
Al all beauty must
Fade with time.

Spray of the Sea
by Wendy Zhou
The Elven lads and Elven maids,
For past troubles by exile paid,
Has heard the cry of gull so far,
Forest perfect by ocean mar.
Woodland green now for sea blue,
Trees and flowers for droplets dew,
Crowns of boughs for white ships trade,
Lands of beauty from mem'ry fade.

Lone Queen
by Wendy Zhou

Left at last, the strange world belong,
She rests her time in loving arms;
Yet some time she wonder, was she wrong,
Will she longe for beauty without harm?
And yet the choice at hand, she chose,
Without regret, though sadness much;
Her life eternal, from life to life rose,
Yet still she would choose love's touch.

Time's End
by Wendy Zhou

Till time's end we will stay,
Till time's end we are here,
Till time's end when we pass,
Till time's end, the end of all

Power of Darkness
by Wendy Zhou

Power of Air, blue Vilya hold,
The power of Elven-Kings of old;
Pow'r of Water, white Nenya fill,
The power of mind, of strong will;
Power of Fire, red Narya burn,
The power of rekindling hearts to learn;
But last the gold, the Ruling Ring,
The Power of Darkness of evil king.

  • The Ring-Bearer
    by Sam Avila

    Black fear rides across his face
    to where rests his destination
    and right of place.
    His weary eyes and dismal thoughts
    plague what senses his journey has brought.
    The One Ring drives him mad,
    the One the Dark Lord once had
    who hunts the shadows where one cannot plead
    with the black demons mounted on black steeds
    pursue thought the land day and night
    on a murderous rampage the Nazgûl take flight.
    Hunger dries the bearer of ardor
    tormented by the orb of Mordor.
    Followed by purloined desires
    changed by evil entire.

    See those he may find
    with whom he will bind
    to untouched lands of earthly seduction
    with magic in nature, births procreation.
    In the hazel eyes of those foreseeing
    to seal their fate with this chosen being.

    With the rise of a new sun
    came hope of a new world begun
    and the praise of kings,
    to hail this halfling
    free from the burden of futures
    to the end of all adventures.

    by Sam Avila

    Life has dawned a new age
    and our world is of deceitful lies,
    but with each precious page
    the words and intrigue fill my eyes.

    Halflings from Hobbiton
    burrowed like moles
    whose quests are clarion
    with virtuous souls.

    Jewel-filled dragons
    sour through my dreams
    through courage comes our Baggins
    over hills and crossing streams.

    Wise old wizards
    with mystical pasts
    that whorl like blizzards
    fierce and outcast.

    The speech of elves
    will never grow cold
    it flows like molten honey,
    heated rich and gold.

    In Lorien sings a chorus
    that all beauty here exists.
    The legend of the forest
    carries through gray mists.

    Long-lost kings
    retake their throne
    and long-lost rings
    are becoming known.

    No wicked can reign
    all has ceased,
    through epochs of pain
    now comes times of peace.

    Love is bold and true
    found through troubles and war
    burns in lustrous hues
    and becomes ancient lore.

    Friendship is everlasting
    from creatures far and near
    faith, in another, ever trusting,
    respect is pure, fair, and clear.

    To see the future in the hands
    of black palantírs
    that shift like desert sands
    and turn back to emerald mirrors.

    Land brimming with life
    from the Misty Mountains
    and even where lies strife
    now returns life’s liberation.

    For it makes me sad
    our world has forgot
    the Rohan, glorious and clad
    and the justice they sought.

    In this fiction
    I find what’s real
    and perhaps Tolkien
    has showed us how to heal

    from there
    to here
    and back again.

    by Greg Lewis

    The set of books I received one year for my birthday, I immediately
    Opened The Hobbit and began to read. After I read through
    Less than one hundred pages, I put it down out of boredom, and
    Kept going on with my life. Years passed, and the book
    I once tried to read collected dust. But during the summer after
    Eight grade, I decided I should finish what I start, and soon I did. “On to the
    Next book!” I cried with joy. I picked it up, started reading, and put it back down.

    The Weary Elf
    by Anthony Garant

    I'm sitting in the shadows,
    With the sky surrounding me,
    The stars are like the Silmarils,
    But I care not for these,
    I'm contemplating life,
    And wondering what might have been,
    And some how I can't help but feel,
    That there's nothing left for me.

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