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...Treebeard again.

You take a deep breath. 'I am a friend of Gandalf's,' you begin.

Treebeard nods his immense head. 'Are you now,' he muses. 'Well, there is no need for a long explanation- we have just met, you know... no need at all to be hasty. As it happens, I am in the middle of a great meeting of the Ents - Entmoot. It is a great discussion center.'

As you walk, you see the congregation of Ents. 'I wish to join the Entmoot,' you say.

'Indeed?' says Treebeard. 'I suppose you could see it. I think you will enjoy your time at Entmoot. It is a thriving community of 1500 active members and over 100,000 posts. We have 5 forums for J.R.R. Tolkien discussion, an RPG forum, and places to talk about other fantasy books, as well as movies. It's a lot of fun! After you have spent some time at the Entmoot, you may continue your journey at the Grey Havens.

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