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Chingo, Princess of Mirkwood
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Legolas walked silently through the corridors until he found his destination. He was hesitant to open the door at first. Wonder if dad knows that I took his horse out for a run instead of Aro, thought Legolas. Finally he pushed open the door. Inside was his father and to his surprise Aragorn was there too. After a few awkward moments of silence King Thranduil spoke. “I know about the whole horse thing…” Oh @#$& I’m in for it now, thought Legolas as he started to sweat.

“Father, I can explain…”

“That’s quite alright my son, it’s probably better for Arod considering that he has a far journey ahead of him.”

A smile graced the young prince’s lips but then his brow wrinkled in confusion. What is dad talking about?

As Legolas pondered the question, Aragorn chuckled. As if reading the elf’s mind Aragorn answered Legolas’ question. “I’ve come from Rivendell with news from Elrond. He has asked that of your presence at a party he is having to honor the Fellowship. We leave tomorrow.”

For a brief second Legolas thought about two people from the fellowship that he had wanted to see for awhile now. He snapped out of his daydream when a hand was placed on his shoulder. The hand belonged to Aragorn who wore a worried look but then turn to a smile as he had figured out what the young elf was thinking about.

With a huge grin plastered on his face, Aragorn said, “She’s leaving from the land of the Lady of the Wood tonight and should be in Rivendell tomorrow afternoon.”

Another smiled graced the soft face of Legolas while he answered back, “Thanks, but I wasn’t thinking about her. I’ll ride with you tomorrow but if you’ll excuse me I’m off to bed.” At that point Legolas left the King’s study and head to his chamber thinking about his companions and what they had been up to.

The next morning Aragorn and Legolas walked down to the stables and there found Arod, a beautiful white gelding, and Brego, an equally beautiful chestnut gelding, in their stalls. Brego snorted and tossed his head as he saw his master enter. Aragorn laugh at the antics of his horse. “Brego, you never cease to amaze me, boy.” Both man and elf tacked up their horse, then mounted their steeds.

Just as they were to leave King Thranduil walked in and gave Legolas his bow and quiver. “You probably won’t need this, but better safe then sorry.” Legolas took the weapons from his father, thanked him, and then him and Aragorn left. As King Thranduil watched his only son ride away he said a silent prayer that his son would come back safe.

A few hours later both men rode in to Rivendell then came to a halt. Two elves came up to them and took Brego and Arod to the stable to be untacked, groomed, and fed.

The first people to greet the two weary travelers were a dark haired boy in his teen that was followed by a little girl who looked about six. The little girl ran up to Aragorn hugged him while saying, “Welcome home daddy I really missed you.” The boy just stood there and said, “Welcome home dad.” And “nice to see you again Legolas, it’s been quite a while.”

“That it has, Theo, that it has,” answered Legolas as he shook Theo’s hand. Legolas then knelt down to the eye level of the little girl and asked “Hey Celest do you remember me?”

The girl looked at him for awhile then ran up and hugged him too. “Of course I remember you Uncle Legolas.”

Just as Celest let go a familiar voice broke the happy reunion by saying “You’re not gonna hug me, are ya, elf?” Legolas looked up and saw a long lost friend. There stood Gimli and behind him Arwen. Gimli walked down to Legolas as Aragorn walked up to talk to his wife. The friends talk for awhile until Arwen looked in the direction of the entrance of Rivendell as she said, “I thought that it would be later when she would show up.” A few minutes later a black mare named Chinago rode through the gate with Marawyn on her back. To no one’s surprise except Legolas’, her daughter, Mali, who was about the same age as Theo, rode through after her on a black gelding with four white socks and a white muzzle named Linad. This horse just happened to be the daughter of Chinago and Shadowfax. Marawyn dismounted followed by Mali as their horses were lead off by the same elves that took Arod and Brego.

As soon as Marawyn walked up to the group Aragorn said “I have to pick up the hobbits, does anyone want to come with?” Picking up the hint Arwen said that she and Theo would come but she would give Celest to her father to watch. As they all left Theo stopped and asked Mali if she wanted to come along. Mali looked at her mom with her bottom lip quivering. Marawyn just laughed and shook her head yes. Mali squealed with delight while mounting her horse and riding off.

Marawyn and Legolas stood there in silence till Legolas broke the silence by saying, “It’s been a long time hasn’t it?”

Marawyn stared at her feet as she answered with a simple “Yeah.”

Getting annoyed Legolas asked “So why didn’t you tell me you had a daughter? We may have broken up but you promised we still be friends!”

Still staring at her feet Marawyn answered by saying “I didn’t know how you would take it.”

Getting even more annoyed he asked “Well, do I least get to meet her father?!”

At this Marawyn looked up and said, “You already know him. You ARE the father Legolas.”

They both stood there for what felt like forever until Legolas started walking away. As Marawyn started to cry she yelled at him “So your just gonna walk away from her, from Me!” Legolas’ heart shattered at the sound of her crying. He walked back over to her, tilted her chin up and kissed her. Then he broke the kiss and said “I’m going to tell my dad that he has a grand daughter and that he should have a room ready for her when she comes home, that is if it’s ok with you.” Marawyn smiled and nodded. Legolas kissed her again then mounted Arod and took off for Mirkwood.

During their stay at Rivendell everyone was in a joyous mood. Mali and Theo got caught all the time for sneaking out together but none of the parents cared. They even started jokes about how when they were old enough they were to be married. Theo would blush at this comment but Mali or the other hand would stomp away! The whole time the two elves were in Rivendell they were inseparable. Legolas thought that Marawyn in his arms just felt so right. Marawyn was consirned Mali would feel but it turned out she loved her father as if nothing had ever happened. They were a perfect family. Legolas was amazed at how well Mali could shoot a bow an arrow but once he thought about it she had her mother to teach her, as well as the entire archers of the Wood.

Even when they returned to Mirkwood life was in heavenly bliss. King Thranduil loved his new grand daughter and daughter-in-law. They could be found out riding in the woods together. Marawyn and Legolas couldn’t have asked for more. Life was perfect until that fateful day…

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