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Part two of a tale of sorrow, adventure and truth

The fearless are merely fearless. People who act in spite of their fear are truly brave.

After the night meeting with Legolas, Lowen had bidden him goodnight, strided quickly into her chamber, collapsed into a chair, and running her fingers throughout her hair as she was wont to do, she felt ashamed of her behaviour. Why had she flared up when Legolas just stated something? Sorrow had become such a part of her life by now, she was growing accustomed to it, and it pained her to hear her heart. For all her life Lowen had been solitary. But she felt safe when she was with Legolas, almost happy.

The next night she apologized to Legolas, saying she was tired, and knew not what she was saying. He accepted and they continued to walk around the garden. Often would he sing to her, his voice thrilling her and she would talk, more and more, each night, until she felt very comfortable in his presence. The strange thing was, though he met her often at night, he was not to be found at day. She wondered at this, but nothing bad seemed to come of it, so she forgot about it.

The meetings continued for two months, until one night, they were walking silently, when Legolas stopped. Lowen looked back, to find Legolas just smiling warmly at her. And though the night was chilled, she found herself warm once she looked into his eyes. She did not want to break the silence, oh, please let the silence stay, but she could not help it. ‘Legolas? What are you staring at?’ she asked, cursing herself for breaking the serenity. ‘You have grown so much in mind, Lowen, since we met. You would hardly look at me on our first meeting, and you have…’ he smiled, struggling for words. ‘I suppose I’ll take that for a compliment.’ She said airily, inside laughing. She shocked herself for a second, and suddenly she stopped and covered her mouth. Her body was suddenly wracked with sobs, and Legolas rushed over. ‘What is wrong?’ he asked, his clarion eyes boring into her emerald ones. She had trusted him! She promised herself to lead a solitary life, and here she was, every night, entrusting her life to a stranger who could kill her easily! Solitary no more, would her life be, for her life would not exist. Explaining this to Legolas in betwixt sobs, he listened benevolently, and when she was finished he held her hand and she said ‘It just suprises me that, every night, you have met me, and not asked a thing of me. Why do you do so?’ he smiled. ‘I do this because of my loneliness. You broke the silence on that faithful night. You came to me, and you were sweet enough to do so. You must have recognized my longing for companionship, and you have fulfilled it.’ He raised her hand to his lips, in a kiss. She was confused. ‘So you…want nothing of me?’ she faltered, raising her eyes to meet his. ‘Yes.’ He said. He leaned into her ear, brushed away her hair. ‘I want your love.’ She gasped. ‘You?’ she wavered. ‘But you are so fair, Lord, why would you want anything of me, regardless of my heart?’ He smiled. ‘I love you, and I’m asking if you return my affections.’ She brought her gaze downwards. ‘Yes. But you must think I don’t fit into your world…’ ‘You are the only thing missing in my world.’ He whispered. She smiled, very faintly, she leaned over to him, and they kissed. She began to walk away. ‘Where are you going?’ he asked. ‘I am going to my chamber.’ She said ethereally. ‘To think. Thank you Legolas. I am free.’

Lowen, indeed was free. Free from the memories of her past, free from the ghosts, ad free from the voices. When she walked, she walked alone. She had no longer a ball and chain to drag with her. She could be rid of her sorrow, and Legolas was blithe that she could be at liberty from all. Sorrow, no longer was a plague.

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