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Chapter 1, Elf of my Dreams:

How will I ever learn to trust,
How can I love you, when I must
I know it hurts you when I’m down,
Baby can I fix that frown?
You know I love you don’t deny
I will love you till I die.

Going back home I thought was wonderful, just the thought of going back to my home atlast must have been the greatest thing in Middle-Earth! Afterall, Elrond my father and sister Arwen could hardly wait to see me. Aragorn led me through caves and forrests, over streams and through tall grasses.

“We are almost there.” he said giving me a reassuring smile.

I glanced over at him from underneath my hood and smiled back,

“It feels so good to be here, back home again.”

I gave a long look around, not quite knowing what everything was being and Elf raised among Men. Nobody ever thought I’d find out who my real family was, but I did. Aragorn especially liked the thought that I am Arwens sister. Let alone he knew my secret, I can tell the future.


“We are in the North of Mirkwood, we shall rest here for the night.”

I stopped and again, looked around, my elven cape blowing gently in the wind. My mind wandered as I had a vision,

My name is Legolas Greenleaf, he stood there, the most beautiful creature...

“What is it?”

Aragorn whispered almost silently, and sure enough... An Elf approached Aragorn and said something to him quietly, almost as if he didn’t want me to hear. I could barely see him it being night. As Aragorn walked over to me smiling I knew something was up.

“Mr. Greenleaf would like to meet you.”

He said gesturing toward the Elf in the shadows. Aragorn led me to him. Legolas had a soft, flowing voice. His eyes were the most beautiful shade of sea-blue I’d ever seen, his hair long and golden braided back at the sides. He looked into my eyes and said,

“Welcome to Mirkwood, I am Legolas Greenleaf.”

“I am Tari`, of Rivendell”

“You must be King Elronds daughter, the one I have heard much about. I hope you like it here in Mirkwood, I will see to it that you enjoy your stay.”

He smiled the slightest yet joyus smile, and walked away into the shadows. Another elf walked up and escorted me to my room for the night, walking down the hallway and trying to find my way.

“Trust me to take you safely”

The elf led me with his arm against my back guiding me along, and stopped in my room. I looked around taking it all in and the fresh smell in the air as rain started to fall. I sat on my bed thinking of what lay ahead for me tomorrow, and what today. Legolas kept returning to my thoughts. I closed my eyes, and rose out of my bed opened my eyes and sat back down. Staring out the window into the black night.


“Are you not tired arwen en amin?”

Said a voice from behind, a familiar voice. I stood,

“Not at all, Im so happy to be here in my homeland again”

“I thought you might be, after that long journey...”

Legolas stood there, his blonde hair falling over his shoulders, his bright blue eyes gleaming.

“You should rest, you have a long day ahead of you”

“I shall try... yet it is so beautiful here I could not sleep”

“I take it you are happy to be here in Mirkwood”

“It is nice to stop walking, after long days. To take a rest, but with all the excitement I could not sleep”

“I shall leave you to rest now, lirimaer”

“Lirimaer? What would that mean?”

He smiled and said,

“Lovely one, sleep well I shall meet you tomorrow”

In all my 2624 years, I had never met any elf, man, hobbit, or dwarf who would care for me such as this. Aragorn had always made sure I was safe, but Legolas acted more of a protector than any elf I had seen. I sat on my bed took off my cloak and went to sleep.

Chapter 2, Trouble in Mirkwood:
The next morning I awoke with a raging headache, I lay in bed thinking the worst. There was a soft knock on the door, so soft I almost didn’t hear.

“Lady Tari`, you did not awake for breakfast, are you alright?”

“I am, but I have barely strength to sit up”

“I shall tell Aragorn of you illness”

He ran out the door, in one swift movement, his robes flowing behind him, I closed my eyes, I ached all over. And I felt a hand upon my forehead.


“Lay still, Legolas come here.”

“What is it Aragorn?”

“I am not sure, maybe something she contracted on the journey over”

“I shall get the healer of Mirkwood”

“Go fast, she may not last much longer”

I groaned and held Aragorns hand on my head.

“May not last?”

Legolas came back with another elf, Aragorn rose and said something I could not understand. Then another elf approached and knelt beside my bed. He prayed in elvish, nothing he said could I understand. I next fell into a deep sleep, and returned in my dreams to my home, I remembered the shire, and the hobbits, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin. Merry and Pippin were always making mischief. Frodo was out by the big tree, daydreaming again, and Merry and Pippin come out from behind and dump a bucket of water on his head. Frodo laughs and chases Merry and Pippin around the village until they are all too tired to stand, they all collapse on the ground, and Aragron tells me of Frodo’s journey, about the Ring and the quest to destroy it, he told me of the council of Elrond, about the Fellowship and Boromir’s death, about finally completing their mission. He told me of the elves, and dwarves, he told me of my sister Arwen, and how much he loved her. He told me of the Orcs and Sauron, about Sarumon the white, and Gandalf, good ole’ Gandalf. I remember the journey we took to get to my home in Rivendell, and Aragorn telling me all about it, what it was like there and how beautiful it was, but he never told me how truly lovely Mirkwood was. And I awoke to find Legolas and Aragorn by my side.

“You are awake, how do you feel?”

“Like the day I arrived”

“I pray that was a pleasant day for you”

I smiled at Legolas, thinking of why he would protect me so much. I arose as Legolas and Aragorn left my room so I could change into my day clothes. Legolas was waiting outside my door.

“Shall I show you around?”

“I would love that”


Legolas had shown me all around Mirkwood. Yet I still would look around, at the beauty of it all.

“This place is beautiful, I wish I could stay longer”

“I wish that too” just the way he said that, told me one thing, I did not want to leave Legolas.

“Well I should see my sister and father first I could always come back later.”

“That would be wonderful”

Legolas smiled, and took my hand. He lead me through the trees.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see”

After we walked past two stones. He stepped onto a balcony of some sort,

“Come, I have something to show you”

I stood firm looking down the side of the cliff,

“Do you not trust me?”

I gave one last glance and followed behind him. We walked slowly down the side of the cliff and back into the woods,

“Where are we going now?”

“You’ll see”

He smiled, his blue eyes gleaming. He led me to a clearing in the wood, there was a large bent tree in the center with bright red blossoms, next to the tree was a stone, flat surfaced and had an elvish inscription on it,

“What does that say”

He didn’t answer me, then I noticed a name on the stone, it read, “Legolas Greenleaf” and in English it also read, “Monument of greatness, and great fighting” I stared at Legolas,

“My brother made that...”

I fell over laughing,


He said, I stopped in mid-giggle,

“What is it?”

He put his finger to his lips,


He ran to the edge of the trees, looked around. He had only a second to grab his bow, ZING it hit an orc straight in the neck.


“No I can’t leave you here!”

“Go!! Now”

I ran as fast as I could with my eyes closed, tears running down my face as the wind whipped against my skin.

Chapter 3, Fallen Soldier:
I leaped over a fallen tree, under a low branch and swung up onto a tree. I sat on the tree trying to blink the tears away all thoughts on Legolas. Did he kill all the orcs, was he in trouble, was he alive? A loud scream could be heard, yet at my distance only a whisper.


I cried franticly, trying to find my way back through the forrest. I felt a presence behind me, I ran faster then stopped suddenly and turned around and drew the only weapon I had, a small dagger, and plunged it into the orc, as it fell to the ground I could hear groans of extreme pain coming from the trees but which way was he?


I called again, no answer.


I could hear more moaning in the distance just enough to let me know where it was coming from.


I ran over to where the moaning was coming from, and there lay Legolas with a gash in his side. He was motionless, as I sat next to him

“Oh Legolas, no!”

“You must... find Aragorn.... tell him... I am injured”

I kissed his forehead, and ran to find Aragorn.



“My lady, what is it?”

“Legolas is injured, follow me quickly”

“When has this happened”

“Only a few moments ago”

“Pray that he is still alive.”

I almost jumped off the cliff to get down. Aragorn right behind me. Legolas lay barley alive the blood soaking through his clothes. Aragorn knelt down next to Legolas.

“We must get him back to the king.”

“But how?”

I thought of ways to get Legolas safley back up the cliff and out of the wood, I whistled to my horse and he trotted carefully down the side of the cliff.

“Here lay him on here.”

“Easy, do not wake him”

“Legolas, you will be ok, just hang on here”

I whispered lightly into his ear, his mouth ever so slightly mouthed, OK. We set him upon my horse I mounted,

“Do not worry about me just ride!”

“Alright, but I pray you get back soon”

I rode fast galloping up the cliff side, and back through the woods Legolas was being held tightly into my chest, I rode fasted and harder, tears now running down my face. The wind whipping at my skin, my hair blowing furiously in the wind. I rode right up into the castle and into his room. Aragorn returned shortly after I got there.

“Quick get the King, and the healer”

“But why would...”


I ran out of the room, to the healer

“Quick it is Legolas!”

He gave me a slight nod of his head, and ran out of the room. Now to get the king. I ran down the hall and found the throne room.


“Pardon, my lord. But it is Legolas he is hurt.”

He got up at once and followed me, giving questions as we walked. He ran to Legolas, Aragorn still at his bed side.

“Oh my son, my poor son.”

I looked at the king in wonder. Wait, if Legolas is the kings son, then he is PRINCE of Mirkwood. I thought to myself, all this time, and nobody told me. But that really was not the issue right now. Legolas was hurt badly. I sat next to Aragorn who was in prayer. I too folded my legs under me and started to pray, praying that Legolas would be alright, praying that he would live till he needed to die. Maybe in battle but this was no battle, it was an attack by Orcs hidden in the forrest. Aragorn took my arm, and pulled me aside,

“Tell me every detail of what happened in the wood.”

“Well... he took me into the forest and then, he told me to hush, he had heard something in the leaves. Suddenly and Orc comes running out of the trees and he tell me to run, so I run into the forrest and one of the Orcs followed me knowing that I had some importance, and I killed it, then I heard Legolas scream so I went back for him, and he was hurt. with a cut in his side.”

“If you were attacked by Orcs, in the forest, that would mean that Saurumon has his armies in full advance, there are more out there.”

“Yes but now I have a question for you.”

“What my lady?”

“Legolas is prince of Mirkwood, why have you not told me this.”

“No worries my lady, I had every intention of telling you. But I was called away for a brief moment and...”

“Easy, it is not as if I am angry with you, I was wondering why no one had told me.”

Legolas lay in his bed, eyes were still open. His hand waving in the air.

“My lady...”

He whispered, and I moved over to him.

“What is it?”

“I... I am sorry...”

“Shh... do not speak, I know”

He started to talk more, but i put a finger on hid lips to silence him.

“You need your strength, now rest”

And with that he fell asleep.

Chapter 4, Another Long Journey:

The next morning I was in the dining hall with Aragorn. Legolas feeling much better was sitting on my other side.

“We depart today.”

“I shall go with you”

Suprised Aragorn smiled and gave Legolas that, you care for this woman look. With that Aragorn left,

“I shall be back for you later. Rest now for the journey ahead.”

I turned to Legolas, who now had risen from his seat.

“Why do you care for me so?”

“It is as if you don’t see the truth before you.”

“What truth, is it something I have said?”

“Not at all”

He said with a laugh.

“It is what I have not said.”


I said curiously,

“Melamin, amin mela lle

I leaned my head to the side, raising an eyebrow. Legolas smiled.

“I know you understood what I have said.”

“In many ways.”

I arose and walked over to him, wrapping my arms around him, he embraced me deeply. He held me for long moments,

“My lady!!”

Legolas quickly, softly kissed me square on the lips. Aragorn walked in.

“Is it time my lord?”

“It is...”

Legolas rested his hand on my shoulder. As I started forward he pulled me back,

“There is something you hide from me...”

“And hidden it shall remain...”

“Until what melamin?”

“I know who I can trust”

I pointed at him, and left the room.


She is so beautiful, my very heart pounds when it sees her beauty. Gimli walked in.

“Aha so I finally find you my friend”

“Yes Gimli I am here.”

“What is it”

“It is Tari`, she doesn’t know how much my heart leaps to see her.”

“Have you told her of this?”

I looked at Gimli,

“Am I supposed to?”

“I would”

“As the day passes on, I will have told her before nightfall”

Glimli smiled, and laughed.

“I shall tell her on the journey out”


“Come Legolas, you act as though there is something big on your mind.”

“There is, melamin”

“Well may I lighten you spirits?”

I stopped walking, turned around. Legolas blushed slightly, I lay my hand on his cheek, and kissed it. I lay my hand on his chest, he hugged me closer, his body almost touching mine. He kissed my forehead, then my nose and finally resting his lips on mine.


“What is it love?”

“I love you, so much. It’s nothing that I have ever felt before, my heart races when you are near. My eyes will not stop stareing at your beauty, I wish that I was always with you. Till the end of days”

“You know, I wondered why you, Legolas PRINCE of Mirkwood, had always stayed close to me, seeing me through anything, always by my side. Now I know. Deep in my heart I have been wanting to tell you this myself.”

“You have...”

He lay his hand on my cheek, and smiled.

“Amin mela lle [I love you]”

“You learn quickly”


She said she loved me, yet I still wonder what she hides from me.

“Melamin, what is it you hide from me? I would not tell a soul.”

“Lle vesta? [Do you promise?]”

Wow, she learns real fast!!”

“I promise with all my heart.”

“I... can... see into the future, I know what will happen.”

“I breathe not a word.”

“I know you will not let me down”

“I shall not melamin.”


He took my hand and kissed it softly. He loves me, I had always wondered why he stayed by me. I told him I loved him. Now he knows what I feel.

“We shall rest here for awhile, then journey on, we have 2 days till’ we arrive in Rivendell.”

Chapter 5, The Uruk-hai:

The next morning, I awoke with Legolas by my side.

“Quel amrun, Legolas.

“Quel amrun, melamin

“Lady Tari`, we should be going now,”

“Please call me Tari`”

“I shall do as you wish, but we should pack and go”

“Alright, one moment Aragorn.”

“Did you sleep well melamin?”

“Sai eithel, Legolas. Ar`lle?

“I could not sleep, I was watching over you.”

“You need not do that”

“It pleases me”

“Why does it please you so?”

Legolas turned and said nothing, still ignoring my questions. I felt that something was in the wood, but what?

“Legolas, something is here. We are not alone.”

“What melamin?”

I said nothing and drew my bow, and shot it into the woods, and struck something, I heard it fall, metal clinking as it hit the ground. I ran into the forest to see what I hit.

“Melamin wait!!”

I did not hear him, I ran faster, and stopped in front of the thing. I removed it’s helmet, Legolas came up behind me.

“My lady we should not be this far into the wood.”

“What is it Legolas, it looks like an Orc only uglier.”

Legolas stared down at the Orc-type thing on the ground. Thought for a moment.


“We must find Aragorn!!”

“My lady where there is one, there is many.”

“Let us pray our feet fly”

We ran out of the wood and up the path.


A little out of breath, Legolas finished for me.

“Uruk-hai, they are in the wood. Lady Tari` has shot one down, there are more.”

“Please call me Tari`”

Nobody had heard me. It really did not matter. We were in danger... least I was.

“We must go quickly, we shall arrive tomorrow, I am not sure how the rest of our journey will go.”

“Let us pray that war does not start here”

“If war must start let it begin here, then we have backup in Rivendell.”

“I want no war.”

“My lady, war only begins if we let it begin.”

I nodded silently tears welling in my eyes. I knew that if war wanted to start I might let it. Aragorn put his hand on my shoulder,

“Do not worry we will be in Rivendell tomorrow.”

“It is that, which I fear.”

“We will be fine melamin”

Aragorn gave Legolas that look again, and kept walking. His hand on his sword, poised for action.


I never thought it would come to this. Aragorn slashed his sword through beast after beast only to face more. Legolas and I shooting arrow after arrow, our quivers almost empty. When I had used my last arrow, I grabbed a stick, using it as a spear, I drove it through anything that came my way, plowing through every beast that stood in my path. Legolas and Aragorn were not far behind getting what I’d left. I felt the blood rushing through my veins, I could hear my heart pounding. The screams of the Uruk-hai peircing my ears as I drove through them. One of them cut my arm, but I did not care I kept on going. As they fell in front of me I had to keep leaping over them, I caught my foot on ones armor, I gave a yelp of pain yet kept on running through the pack. I could hear Legolas and Aragorn telling me to stop but the adrenaline kept rushing. When I had finally stopped. I looked around. Aragorn, had a cut on his shoulder his hair knotted, sweat running down his neck. Legolas, was not much different, his beautiful golden hair had bits of twigs and leaves stuck in it, his face had dirt smeared all over it, and grass stains on his clothes. And I had no clue as to what had just happened. Aragorn and Legolas watched me, as I fell to the ground exhausted. I felt Legolas’ arms close around me. He picked me up and kept walking along. It was night when I finally awoke.


“Good morning melamin, feeling better?”

“Much, how far did we get?”

I said sleepily.

“We shall be there before the day breaks.”

I smiled up at him, still in his arms I could feel the warmth of them, the heat from his body beneath mine. I sat up. He kissed my forehead. He still can’t get past the face he should kiss me lower. He stopped for a brief moment and continued down until he reached my mouth. Mind reader. He looked into my eyes. I could see the love in them, the deep blue reminded me of the sea, and the bright blue skies.

“Rivendell is ahead. Only a league or so.”

I jumped up out from Legolas` arms.

“Let us hurry then!! Rivendell awaits!!”

I did not care how far it was, but the fact that we were almost there! I ran towards my fathers house, my foot still aching in pain I limped a little, my arm still tender. I ran faster, Aragorn and Legolas right behind me,

“Arwen!!! Father!!!”

I called out, I saw my sister Arwen. She turned her head

“Tari`!!! Father Tari` has arrived!!”

Arwen swept me up in her arms. Tears of great joy, running down our faces. My father Elrond stepped out onto the balcony.

“Welcome home Tari` my hearts sings to see you after all this time.”

“Tari` you look terible, lets get you cleaned up”

Legolas and Aragorn run up behind me,

“I thought we would never catch you arwen en amin”

“It is very nice to see you again Lady Arwen”

Aragorn smiled, so did Arwen. Elrond, came down the hallway.


“My daughter, you have returned atlast!”

“I missed you all so much!”

“Ah! Mr. Greenleaf, and what brings you to Rivendell?”

“I am part of this Fellowship am I not?”

Chapter 6, Rivendell:

I was sitting in my room by the window, I had not yet changed or washed my face.

“Melamin, are you alright?”

“I am not sure, I still look horrible after that battle.”

“Melamin, you are always beautiful, come let me show you...”

“I do not wish to”

I got up anyways, Legolas took my hand. He placed me in front of a large mirror.

“Now, what do you see?”

I stood staring at my figure for a moment, and finally spoke.

“I see hair that has been greased in battle, I see torn fabric, of what used to be a dress, I see my own blood running down my arm, and my leg. I see the ugliest woman on earth.”

“Do you know what I see?”

I looked up at him. Standing behind me he laced his fingers with mine. He hung his head over my shouder,

“I see long blonde hair, that blows in the wind. I see eyes that sparkle in the night, arms that will wrap around me and hold me close. I see the fabric of your mind, and soul. I see true beauty.”

I smiled, he pushed my hair behind my gently pointed ear.

“It is time for dinner, you should get ready”

“I will”

“I shall be waiting for you”

Legolas left the room, I looked around, and went to my bed. Laying on it was a blue dress with silver trim. I put it on, it lay close to my chest, and the skirt fell lightly to the floor. I washed my face, and combed my hair. I braided it back at the sides and pulled them back, I held them in place with a small leaf shaped clip.


There was plenty to eat in the great hall. I sat next to Arwen and my father. Aragorn rose to announce some news.

“I would like to announce, that I now know the cause of the Uruk-hai battle in the forest.”

Elves, and men alike all stopped what they were doing to pay attention their eyes gleaming with interest.

“Now we all know that the One Ring has been destroyed, but the power has not.”

“What are you saying my lord?”

“There is another, more powerful than that before. Sauron still has the power.”

This made everyone feel uneasy. I stared in thought, and looked up to see Aragorn at my side,

“What is it, and why are they after me?”

“You are the evil. The power has been passed to your mind, body and soul.”

Everyone gasped, and started to talk among themselves. I sat in disbelief that this was happening, all were talking except one, Legolas. He put his hand on my shoulder, giving me a light of confidence. It is alright melamin do not worry. His words kept on running through my head, over and over rang his sweet tone.


I sat in my bed , tears had already begun to fall from my eyes. Why did I not see this coming? Why has not anyone told me of this before. The Lady Galadriel would know. She told me nothing of it. I kept asking myself the same question.

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