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The Golden Sickness
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As Legolas paced about in his room, thinking of what he should do that day, something outside caught his keen eye. It was a flash of gold. He walked to the window to get a closer look, it was an elven maiden like most others he thought. But then he realized that the gold he had seen was not from anything the elf was wearing but from her body, she had golden hair! Legolas ran from his room hoping to catch this strange being and to talk to her.

When Legolas came close to the maiden he stopped in surprise, what he had thought was golden hair was really blonde hair caught by the sunlight. She had a normal body structure but her hair had a golden touch to it, like no other he had ever seen. She had bright blue eyes, also with the golden touch that seemed to linger about her magnifying her beauty.

"who are you and where have you come from" he said in a tone a little louder than he wished.

" I am Nilthoroniel, and i have come from a land far from here,a land you have never heard of."she said in a soft musical voice "I have come here seeking solitude, for I am weary from my long voyage" and with that she fainted. Legolas quickly caught her.

When Nilthoroniel awoke, a certain happiness filled Legolas,like no other feeling he had ever felt.While she had been unconscious the golden touch had faded, but now that she was awake it was as strong as ever.

Many weeks passed and as they slipped by and he got to know Alda-thule better,Legolas found himself falling deeply in love with her. One day he asked her

"I have wondered lately, why is there a golden glow about you?" he asked holding her fair hand in his, but as soon as the words left his lips she pulled back. After a long while she said " i have had this ,what i call the golden sickness, for manny years,i do not know where it came from or what it does." .Legolas replied " my heart aches for your your troubles" then he said" my heart also aches for the feel of your lips on mine." As he said this he leand foward, and their lips met. When their kiss ended he pulled back to see the purest love shighning in her eyes.She replied" i two have longed for an embrace"and they kissed again. After that kisses turned into days,turned into weeks , turned into months and for a long time, Legolas basked in her love.It is up to fate now he thought.and for years afterward he regretted ever thinking that.

One fine clear day Legolas awoke to find a note on his bed it read: my dear Legolas, my one and only love, the golden sickness has taken over, i finally understand what it does, it wants to take everything i love and rip it away from me. I have returned to my homeland, never to again to return to you my love. My heart aches at this but the sickness is to strong.I have left you this locket, next to your bed, for you to remember me and my love by.

Legolas put the note down and pcked up the locket lying in a table next to his bed.It was oval shaped with a white stone in the gold on the front, inscribed in the stine was his name and an emerald in the shape of a leaf.Tucked inside the locket he found something that touched he's heart, a lock of her golden hair. Legolas wanted to look for her, his precious Nilthoroniel, but he knew that he would never fined her. Yet his love for her was undying,that, her locket, and a sweet memory of a beautiful elven maid that changed his life, was enough to fill his heart.

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