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Thank you for your interest in submitting your stories to the Tolkien Trail.


  • Please include the title of your story, your name (or pen name), and a brief, one-line description. Label the story as serious or humorous.
  • HTML format is preferred. You can send Word documents, but note that some of the formatting (such as italics) may be lost. HTML documents are easier for me to post and so your story might go up faster.
  • All stories should be appropriate for younger viewers. Stories with explicit sexual content will not be posted. In general, keep it to the "PG-13" level.
  • We reserve the right to edit if necessary.
  • Remember that right now, there is just one person receiving and posting the fan fiction (me). I try to post everything in a timely manner, but sometimes I am very busy. You can send a reminder if you think your tale has slipped through the cracks somehow.

We have temporarily stopped accepting fan fiction submissions while we sift through the old ones.

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