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Arian the Lost Fairy
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A cloaked and hooded figure walked into the inn at Bree. The figure reached inside its cloak, pulled out a few coins, and asked for a room for the night. Barliman Butterbur, the innkeeper, asked "Would you be wanting a meal as well?". The figure surveyed the tavern and replied, "No, I think not." Oddly, a woman's voice came from under the cloak.

As the women began to walk across the tavern, one of the men stuck out a leg to trip her. She jumped nimbly over the outstretched limb and continued walking. The man stood up and said, "Are you too good to eat with the likes of us? Perhaps you would feel more at home with the pigs. What makes you good enough to even breath near men such as us?".

The figure reacted instantly. After a quick roundhouse kick, punch, and pulling the mans legs out from under him so that he was lying on the floor, she said " Oh, I'm sorry, did I trip you?". As she began to walk away once more, the man threw a dagger at her back. She spun around and blocked it with her sword. "Don't do that again." She said with anger resonating from every word. "What would you do to me?" the man said cockily, "Kill me?". " Yes" said the women. "Is that a threat?" asked the man. "A threat and a promise." The women answered.

Once the woman got to her room, she pulled the shutters closed and took off her cloak. A knock at the door snapped her out of her thoughts. "Come in." she said.

A man, dressed as a ranger, entered and said, "My name is Aragorn. I couldn't help but notice you. I think I can help you."

"Do I stand out that much?" the women asked. "Well, pulling stunts like that do make you stand out a bit" Aragorn scolded. "You said you could help me?" questioned the women, "How do you know that I'm not a force of evil?".

"Because, forces of evil almost never employ women." Aragorn said, "Besides, you're a Fairy."

"What does that have to do with anything?" the women asked. "Well", said Aragorn, "Fairies almost never leave their homelands unless it is deathly urgent."

"Before you help me listen to a bit about me." Beseeched the women, "I am a Fairy. A rebel Fairy. I seek counsel with Elrond about pressing matters. Will you still help me?"

"Yes" said Aragorn.

"By the way, my name is Arian"

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