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Juan Albuerne, Spain
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Bilbo Baggins Sculpture

Treebeard Sculpture

Gandalf Sculpture

Message from the artist:

Dear friends,

First of all, thank you very much for your compliments about my work on "The Lord of The Rings" subject. My work on modelling and painting from TLOTR characters started about 10 years ago, after I felt subdued and in love with the Tolkien masterpiece. Since I was a painter and modellist, I found that I could make some work from scratch or based in previous commercial lead figurines in order to recreate the Tolkien world with my own style. Since then, I have made many pieces based on his work: Characters as "Treebeard", "Bilbo Baggins", "Gandalf", and some dioramas displaying certain moments from the TLOTR book or his work, like "Galadriel Longs For Valinor", displaying Galadriel; "The Disguise", displaying Éowyn at Rohan; "The Wedding", displaying Aragorn and Arwen; "Bad News For Denethor", displaying the inside of the White Tower on Minas Tirith, and some more.

You will be able of find those modellistic works on my site, under:
If you need some further information, let me know.
Thank you very much.
Juan Albuerne, from Spain

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