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You make your way through the tangled forest. Suddenly, you come upon a clearing and a beautiful valley is below you. You climb down and follow the path, finally arriving at a large house. A dark-haired elf answers the door and smiles. "Greetings, traveller," she says. "What is your business at the Last Homely House?"

"I wish to see Elrond," you reply.

"I'm sorry, but the Master of the house has placed me under strict orders not to admit anyone unless they can prove themselves. These are dark times we live in, after all."

"Completely understandable. I am a friend of Gandalf's, and I have brought something for Elrond." You partially unravel one of the scrolls, displaying Gandalf's signature mark at the bottom:

"Very good," says the elf, smiling. "That is a different story entirely. Please come inside."

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