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You emerge from the forges and survey what has happened. The Ents are hard at work trying to destroy Orthanc. They pay you little heed, and you spend the next few days just watching their frenzy. Then one day, you spy a very familiar person. 'Hello Traveller,' says Gandalf. 'I'm pleased to see that you have arrived safely.'

All your complaints about Gandalf abandoning you in the wilderness suddenly seem unnecessary. 'And I am glad to see you as well, Gandalf,' you reply instead. 'It is time for me to pay a visit to Saruman up in his tower. You may accompany me if you wish, but you must wait at the base of the stairs once we arrive.' You follow him wordlessly to the tower. You are met by a company of men, Gandalf whispers to you that it is Theoden, King of the Rohirrim. Soon afterward, another group arrives. Much to your surprise, it includes two Hobbits. What were Hobbits doing out this far East?

Your questions go unspoken and unanswered, since Gandalf and a small party begin to ascend the stairs. You glance around at the Hobbits and the Rohirrim, clearly feeling unwanted.

Gandalf bangs on the door. 'Saruman come forth!' he demands.

'Who is it?' says a voice. 'What do you wish?'

The old king starts. 'I know that voice, he says, and I curse the day when I first listened to it.'

'Go and fetch Saruman, since you have become his footman, Grima Wormtongue!' intones Gandalf. 'And do not waste our time!'

At once another voice begins to speak. It is sweet, low, and full of enchantment. You have never heard anything quite like it in your life, and it is a delight to hear. You cannot quite focus on what words Saruman is speaking, but they all seem wise and reasonable. Gandalf and that fool king keep on interrupting the clever Saruman, whose voice is so...

'Come back, Saruman!' Gandalf intones. To your amazement, the spell is suddenly broken and Saruman turns. Gandalf casts Saruman from the order of wizards, and his staff is broken.

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