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Department 56 has come out with an attractive line of waterglobes, ornaments, secret boxes, and frames. We have established a partnership to bring you these exciting items in time for the holidays! Click on the links to purchase the items. We get a commission on every sale, which goes right back into site maintenance.

Lord of the Rings Collectibles from Department 56

Secret Boxes

Water Globes


Picture Frame and Lighted House

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Toys Yes, Tolkien's works have inspired action figures. I have heard that Burger King will have LotR movie tie-in toys. Toy Vault has created Middle-Earth action figures separate from the movie. Its line includes Gandalf, Gollum, Gimli, Galadriel, Balrog, Lord of the Nazgul, Barrow-Wight, Ugluk, and Frodo. Each figure has different variations that are exclusive to a certain store, making it very difficult to collect them all. For example, Gandalf in Hobbiton is exclusive to Toy Club, Gandalf the White is the "standard version," Gandalf the Grey is exclusive to Diamond, Gandalf in Fangorn is exclusive to White's Guide, and Gandalf the Wizard is the Mass Market Edition. Here are pictures of Gandalf the Wizard and Lord of the Nazgul:

Visit Middle-earth Toys for more information.

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