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After you have explored the Trail and Entmoot, you may want to visit other Tolkien sites. Here is a selection of our favorites, with comments.

I am the editor for the J.R.R. Tolkien category at the ODP, the biggest and most prominent directory on the Internet. Go there for more sites and more up-to-date listings.

Official Sites:
Lord of the - Exciting video game based on the books, not the movies.
Lord of the - New Line's site for the films. Flash visuals and plenty of content. - HarperCollins' site contains videos of the author, information about his books, and more. They sponsored our Poetry Contest. :)

*The Barrow Downs - Great resource site that includes an encyclopedia, post cards, and name generators.
*Mordor - The Land of Shadow - Stunning visuals bring the land of Mordor to life in this imaginative site.
*Tolkien Online - The One Ring - Prominent site with movie news and discussion.
*Xenite.Org - A huge sci-fi/fantasy site run by Michael Martinez. Contains essays, movie news, and more.

Ancanar - Website for the new independent fantasy film.
Bit of Earth - Cute fan club for Sam Gamgee.
The Black Chasm - Directory for the evil creatures in Tolkien's works.
Cabed-en-Aras - Decent resource with loads of information.
Encylopedia of Arda - Immense project to catalogue all of the people, places, and things mentioned in Middle-earth.
Finduilas's Tolkien Page - Charming personal tribute with some essays and information.
The Grey Havens - One of the oldest Tolkien sites, it primarily contains essays and articles, but isn't regularly maintained anymore.
The Hobbit Hole - Middle-earth comes to life in Virtual Reality at this site.
Lord of the Rings Fanatics - Fast-growing fan site with a shop, artwork and a quiz.
Luthien's Middle Earth - Pleasantly designed and long-established fan site is worth a visit.
Luthien's Tolkien Page - Contains artwork from little-known (but just as talented) fan artists.
Middle Earth Reunion - Online Tolkien society, I think :P.
My Precious - Flash extravaganza similar to Mordor.
The Old Forest - Swedish site with some movie news and other information.
Over Hill and Under hill - Small fan site. - Standard fan site, billed as an "online fanzine."
TolkBib.De - An extensive bibilography.
The Tolkien Archives - Longtime site with much information.
Tolkien's Haven - They featured us as "Site of the Week" once so go visit :P.

Movie News: - Undoubtedly the biggest and most updated movie news site. - A well-designed alternative to TOR.n.

Discussion boards:
The Barrow Downs

Link collections:
DMoz J.R.R. Tolkien - I edit the listings at the ODP, so it has to be good :). - The standard link collection, with an emphasis on movie sites.
One Ring - One of the best directories due to the fact that the webmasters can edit their own descriptions.
SirLinksALot LotR Links - News articles and website links.
The Tolkien Network - Elite club of Tolkien sites which we belong to.

Rivendell - Our own music and stories section.
Patrice Deceuninck - French musician graciously allowing us to use his songs on our site.
The Tolkien Ensemble - Outstanding Danish group allowing us to use their songs on our site.

Mithril - 32mm miniatures from Middle-earth.
Blades by Brown Cutlery - Own your own Sting and Glamdring.
Thornton's Bookshop/Oxford - "We are Oxford's oldest bookshop (since 1835) and of course counted Tolkien amongst our many famous customers/visitors. I still remember the old man from my early days as a bookseller in Oxford."
The Tolkien Shop - Exhaustive store which contains many Tolkien items.

Art Galleries:
Lothlorien - Our own fan art gallery.
Edoras - The Tolkien Art Gallery - German gallery.
Nightrunner - Another art gallery.
Rolozo Tolkien - The best art site.

Foreign Languages:
El Senor de los Anillos - - The best site for Spanish news on the trilogy.

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