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You journey through the Shire and then to the West. After several days, you arrive at the Grey Havens. Cirdan the Shipwright and Gandalf are at the Gates to greet you.

You enter the Havens and see magnificent Elven ships, resplendent in beauty. Elven mariners stroll along the docks. 'I can tell you about the awards and recognition received by the Tolkien Trail,' Cirdan comments.

'I told you that you would be repaid for your bravery and unflagging loyalty during dark times,' Gandalf says. 'You and many others did their part in the struggle against the Dark Lord. To view a complete list of those who have helped out with the site, go to Credits. Now, for your reward. One of the Elven ships is making an expedition East to visit those who remain in Lothlorien and Greenwood. I have gotten you passage aboard the ship. You can be let out at any port in Middle-earth. For a complete list of possible destinations, view the Links. I recommend going back to the Entmoot - you may be surprised at the high-quality discussion and friendship you find there.'

You are ecstatic. You will be journeying with Elves to visit any part of the world that you desire! Yet Gandalf will be gone forever. Tears well up in your eyes.

Gandalf confers with Cirdan for a moment. Finally, he says, 'It is time for you to go. I hope you have enjoyed your journey on the Tolkien Trail, and will return as soon as you can. I will be departing this land myself in a matter of days. Farewell!'

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